Auto Auction

Maggard is a licensed NYS DMV licensed service bureau and a direct link partner. As a direct link partner, we have DMV terminals in our office and process applications in our office.

Maggard will be a valuable strategic partner to auto auctions. Maggard will assist your personnel and customers with motor vehicle paperwork questions and expedited processing.

We have over forty years of experience and handle virtually any title or document. We have the lowest error rate of any direct Link partner.

Applications can be emailed or faxed to Maggard for same day processing. The duplicate will be mailed directly from the DMV to the customer.

Customers can apply for Repo title online or by sending their application to Maggard by mail. We are repo title experts and currently process 550 to 800 repo title applications weekly.

Maggard will provide live customer support Via Skype to your staff and customers customers. We offer free advice.

Maggard will provide palm cards to be handed or mailed to customers along with paperwork from your auction.